A tradition a century long

It was born from the desire for redemption this great success story made of determination, commitment and continuity, always striving for excellence.

I Capitani's family at 18th May 1955.

The story begins when, more than a century ago , the brother of the founder returned from the United States of America where he worked as head master on construction sites for several years, hoarding money capable of pay return trip and hope, once back home and reunited with his family, to start new and larger projects. Waiting for him there is his brother Ciriaco, father of a large family made up of as many as 12 children, as was then common to find. Two brothers decided that, in order to better employ many arms ready to work in the family, they had to buy wonderful lands and start everybody to focus on the goal of make them even more wonderful, to make a little dream, become entrepreneurs, and no longer as in the past, agricultural laborers. The hill that two brothers chose, once a hunting reserve of the principles of Montemiletto, is located in a position where you can enjoy a wonderful view looking down the valley of Calore river in the face of the famous Taurasi. Determination of the two brothers and the sweat of their family in a short time transformed the uncultivated lands into a thriving farm.

In the second decade of the 900 after accumulating the necessary experience and knowing capabilities of their lands, Ciriaco and Florindo decided to make the leap . In a historic day for our company, the two decided to narrow their work and to convert farm to winery. The choice proved to be successful for two reasons. The first was that at that time wine was living a constant ascent on the market due to the spread of phylloxera (severe disease for vine arrived from USA at the beginning of 1900) with a resulting drop in supply that shifted the demand on areas up then closed to local market. The second was that two brothers with determination and ability focused on quality that soon learned to produce at optimum levels. In a few years their wines were appreciate very far at the time. Major part, in fact, was sold in Piedmont and France where our red wine from aglianico grape was the basis of a lot of top wines . The company grew and by simple farmers had now moved on to a real company capable of giving employment to several families in the village and to invest into the most advanced equipments and production technologies. The wine of I Capitani was already a value for our area. Stone by stone, the company built a road that would allow to get to the nearest railway station to charge our aglianico wine by mule.

The company overcame the difficult years of the two world wars and the arrival of the devastating fury of phylloxera in its vineyards, The love for the land and its fruits were never les, and so vineyards were replanted totally: the company bloomed again and reached its maximum splendor, thanks to the hard work of numerous sons of the founder for more than 40 years.

In the '70s, because of moving away young people from farming, came the inevitable decline of the company. The second generation decided to invest on the education of children and encourage each person to a profession. So the long tradition was gradually weakening.