Cellar between past and future

Passion and research, our secrets to get better and better.

From the beginning, I Capitani have vinified their own grapes in a suitable environment, using the latest equipment for the times. This is possible to verify looking at the historic cellar built of stone and brick, restored as it was before the earthquake of 1980, and today houses a rural museum which exhibits, in addition to hundreds of vessels of simple and industrious peasant life, even real pieces of antique trade of winemaking. Including piston pumps and destemmers in iron and wood, first examples of specific machines for the processing of the cellar arrived in the South of Italy. Machines created by man to do his job better.

So today, more than ever, our winery is the place where we employ the latest technologies to preserve the oldest tradition. The constant experimentation and collaboration of wine experts of recognized prestige continue to be the strength of our excellence production.

Cellar whole underground provides natural thermal stability conditions and so it's ideal for the production of wines, avoiding the massive use of energy for air conditioning. The wine making process begins with the selection of the grapes, where expert hands selectonly perfect grapes. In a controlled environments, there are the natural stages of processing: crushing, fermentation, maturation, aging. Wort gently moves and becomes wine passing from stainless steel vats to barrels of sizes, roasting and different woods, and at the end to bottles. In all the processes of the cellar the rule is to minimize the use of any processing aid: the goal is to enhance and preserve the quality of our grapes , with respect for tradition without disrupting the knowledge accumulated over the years. This does not mean giving up to experiment with curiosity , that for us is a source of unquestioned part of our great success.