Our Cru "Bosco Faiano"

Everything starts from the vineyard in Bosco Faiano, unique place, a center of experimentation and passion, established itself as a inimitable cru.

Although our vineyards are located in three areas of the DOCG to ensure that every vine to express themselves in their respective ground of election, the core of our vineyards is still Bosco Faiano vineyard, in district of Taurasi DOCG around our historical cellar. These wonderful vineyards are facing south south-east in the valley of Calore river, right opposite the town of Taurasi with a beautiful landscape, altitude between 310 and 420 m above sea level, calcareous clay soil, continuous ventilation and important temperature range. These vineyards, always present in these hills, are the main source of the fruits of our productions. The many years of continuous experimentation, have made them a real cru where year after year are improved agricultural systems and are calibrated for each row, ideal fertilizing, pruning, tying and thinning.

Map of our cru Bosco Faiano, plots of vineyards and olive groves.

From grapes produced in our Bosco Faiano vineyard we have our three aglianico red (Taurasi, Jumara and Guaglione) and our two selections Faius and Emé (unique and experimental projects from grapevine to bottle). The last plant is of falanghina grape, from the beginning has given excellent results with high-quality grapes which characterize our Clarum with marked individuality.

Bosco Faiano Cru remains the center of the wine-growing experiments of our company to learn more and test our exceptional terroir with all varieties linked to our land and our history, as a small historic studio for agriculture of quality.