Ecosustainability to comply with our future

Produce environmentally friendly is our challenge has always been, to live better our world because grow it does not mean destroy.

Ecosustainability is a modern value but at I Capitani it means tradition, culture, respect to our past and at the same time for our future. Ecosustainability is not for us a project, a goal or strategy, but it is an integral part of our culture ever since. A healthy and environmentally friendly approach from the best agricultural tradition combined with the research and technology, are the fundamental support for a balanced management of our little world.

  • The entire estate of I Capitani is conducted with different crops to preserve biodiversity without chasing industrialization of agriculture and the intensive use of the fields. Our orchard is adorable and healthy natural resource of fruit, turned into tasty organic jams.
  • In vineyards are practiced precision agriculture, plant-health control integrated, and natural fertilizing : goal is to reduce to the minimum necessary interventions for biologically sustainable agriculture.
  • Our cellars, are underground cellars with heat and water exchange systems, natural ventilation. Water and energy saving criterias were the basis for the design of structures and systems as well as the principles that mark all production activities.
  • For several years we invest in ecosustainability and, among other things, we have created a photovoltaic installation capable of supplying much of the energy consumed on the company.
  • Packaging materials pays close attention to the environment: for example, glass lighter and only natural and environmentally friendly packaging as cork, glass , paper, cardboard, and wood.