A challenging project

Our family goal has always been to promote Irpinia: a harsh but generous land, rich in traditions and culture, naturally beautifull...

When everything started, more than 100 years ago, our forefathers fell in love with these beautifull hills sunned and of naturally vocated to cultivation of fine fruits. Since the beginning the goal of our work was to value our land and our culture. The production of wines and extravirgin olive oils of absolute quality which would give light to these lands are the means to achieve this goal, even if it's an ambitious goal it's still alive in us more than ever. The desire to communicate and to open to the world our lands has motivated us, just at beginning, to a spontaneous, sincere and always attentive hospitality.

Today, as always, driven by the wish and pride to hand down the trade of one’s father, our goal is to promote the image of Irpinia, a land of ancient flavors, traditions and culture, through a project that pays careful attention to the details and strives to achieve perfection.