Past means also future

A story that calls to mind that of vine: born and reborn always, with continuity.

The history of the farm I Capitani is far more than a century, sees its beginning in the late XIX century and all through 1900 to reach up to the present day. A story of commitment and traditions in the hinterland of Campania exactly in Avellino province, in one of the best areas for wine making in Italy. The protagonists of this story are Cefalo family (nicknamed "I Capitani") and the fertile hills located in Bosco Faiano district of Torre le Nocelle town in the heart of Irpinia.

A story of work and sacrifice but also of great achievements and successes. The strength and pride of a big family that betting on the job, she wanted to help make her fantastic area increasingly known and appreciated. A story of ups and downs that poetically embodies the vine's life that every year after cutting of the winter pruning, renews its life and reborns stronger and more lush than before.