Wonderful landspaces rich in history and culture

A unique area: expression of a wide variety of landscapes among the most beautiful and authentic of Italy. Beauties that touch your heart.

Campania region.

Special places exist, able to leave unforgettable emotions. Landscapes, colors, tastes, flavors and traditions that are difficult to forget, able to mark and change you: small worlds, particular, poetic, unique. Campania is one of them. The region of South of Italy that most of all expresses contradictions, excesses and poetry, where coexist beautiful beaches, stunning coastal rocks covered with lemons, cities of art, volcanoes, romantic islands, sunny green hills and snowy mountains. An area naturally beautiful and rich in culture, traditions, history.

Campania is among the Italian regions with the largest number of Unesco world's heritage. The region of the city of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento, the realm of Caserta, the archaeological sites of Pompei and Ercolano, Paestum valley, the volcanic lakes of Bacoli, hinterland of Irpinia rich in traditions and beautiful vineyards.

Campania region is certainly among the places in the world with the greatest culinary tradition. It's very special its relationship with taste and with the table, each place has a particular and unique recipe to be discovered. Every family knows and respects the great culture of flavors of this land and contributes to preserve the ancient recipes. Pizza, mozzarella di bufala, limoncello, just to mention the most famous examples. The food and wine from Campania, perhaps, are his most authentic presentation where landscapes, history and culture meet.