Revive in continuity

After the earthquake, the company revive with the same values and an even bigger and more ambitious project.

The desire for rebirth snaps after the devastating earthquake of 1980 in Ciriaco, grandson of the founder. Who, after having spent more than 10 years working as an engineer to reconstruct Irpinian building, in the 90s has picked up the old baton and, animated by the same love and the same stubbornness of his grandfather, decide to relaunch the historic family business to the ancient splendor, directing it towards success with broader horizons.

Values and philosophy are the same, but the times are changed. The project is to produce wines in the bottle to preserve and send it away, with a strong and distinctive brand that was be able to certificate quality. So all started from restoration and replanting of the old vineyards and then the not easy work to give value. Birth of I Capitani brand, the renovation of the historic cellar and the construction of the new one. The journey is long and tiring but promising even from the beginning. Goal is to value the area and to make quality without compromise.

I Capitani of revive, 2000. Left to right: Gabriele, Pasqualina, Antonio, Ciriaco, Antonio, Assunta, Chiara.

First harvests after the revival dated 1997, focused on two red and one white wines. Four years after the labels were already five of which Greco di Tufo Serum and Taurasi Bosco Faiano. In 2005 it's added Fiano di Avellino Gaudium and 2007 Falanghina Clarum. Experience with new international markets and a even more careful production activity in 2008 suggests the birth of Guaglione, our young Aglianico, and project of our selected wines intended for enthusiasts who are looking for truly exclusive and unique wines.

Projects do not stop at the world of wine, but with a wider range, they enlarge anyway following the same philosophy. I Capitani dedicated themselves to production of a extra virgin olive oil of superior quality believing into recovery of the top variety Ravece. Olive groves are re-planted and it started studies in field, to experiment and to improve our oils, without even realizing they were already among the best and most appreciated in Italy.

In 2003, in parallel with other projects grows spontaneously desire to welcome and to accommodate who gets closer to our world, coming in our company. So it was born the layout of the farm museum, the swimming-pool, the rooms, the dining room to make our rural hospitality . Since then, guided tours, meetings, events and tastings are for us a source of authentic emotions.

With the arrive of the fourth generation working in the company, the project increases level and look more far, experiencing new and major commercial, quality and fame successes. But it's sure that we are ready to experience new greatest hits along with you.

Labels of 90s harvests, 1996-1999.