The keyword: to value...

A keyword in our world is to value or rather to respect for: what we were, we are, we have, our specificity, our traditions, our culture.

Our lands have an exceptional value, unique. Often was been gone the general awareness of this. To us this belief was never been gone and we have always sought ways to enhance and invest in us to the fullest.

Synonymous of rebirth for us was the word to value. Give and give back value to what we have to what has been and what it is. To Assert this has not been easy and has led us to learn more about the peculiarities of our place, its culture, its traditions, its roots. Rural roots.

In the 90s with the rebirth of our company in us start also the will to search for everything that was forgotten, put aside, and was considered worthless but in reality for us was at same time our past but also our future. Each rediscovered object of our historical tradition family farm is carefully restored and cataloged. With 2 years of work we recovere the historic stone cellar and we decide to preserve it at making of this space the place where accommodate our history and all those objects returned to their original splendor. Today this place is a rural activity museum is the most stricking part of our company intended to bear witness to everyone our efforts, our experience, our great potential.

Regard process focuses on our land, almost abandoned in the early 90s. The earthquake of 1980 had destroyed the homes directly but indirectly also the vineyards. The study of our native vines and of their characteristics are the basis for the construction of a new revival project for a new evolution. Once again the choice is to add value, to focus on native cultivars: Aglianico, Greco, Fiano and Falanghina. Vines of the great value for making wine as well as historical and cultural value also for our area. After about 10 years the project grows and, relying on the know-how accumulated, we aim higher: we focus to value historical clones of Merlot and Sangiovese present in our company. A direct and concrete recovery of our long tradition of winemakers.

We use the same way to see our world with an another big fruit, of worth as great as undervalued until then. So start the idea to value variety of olive "Ravece", able to give a superior quality extravirgin olive oil, a champion of Mediterranean cuisine, a distillate of nature and flavors.

Really aware of the love with which everything was done, we decided to open up to the world, to value the landscape, the air, the flavors and soul of our lands, welcoming guests who decide to take the path that leads them to I Capitani to share with us our world. A sincere, healthy and careful hospitality: our wine resort is a full immersion in the values of Irpinia.