Gardens planted with grapevines

Everything starts in our vineyards, center of an exceptional terroir, pride of our land.

Our vineyards are our greatest pride and for more than a century we cultivate them with great passion to provide the best fruit for wines that can excite. Our recipe is simple, nothing complicated: an exceptionally suited terroir, the most suitable fields, the best exposed hills to the sun and wind, lots and lots of work and experience.

Principles and philosophy agronomic that was born and grown up in our Bosco Faiano vineyard are applied to all of our other vineyards. Use of appropriate cultivation techniques, rationalization of management plant through the choice of integrated pest management, the limitation of nitrogen fertilizers, the clonal research and study of the best environmental conditions for cultivation are the main road to get fruit, and thus quality wines.

Family Stories: what makes so special and unique our three aglianico wines?

Aglianico is the most important red grape for aging of South of Italy and in Irpinia finds its highest expression. Over the years we have understood, experiencing that may lend itself very well to many different vinification always giving wines of very high level. These facts showed us our original road that took us over time to produce three aglianico wines so different one from each other.

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