Rural museum: our past exhibited

The most attractive place of our company earmarked to show everyone our self-denial, our experience, our great potential.

In order to preserve our past we have created a permanent exhibition of various tools and objects linked with our business over time: a real rural museum, made exclusively collecting objects owned by our family and company and cataloged, preserved and restored to show more than a century of work. This exhibition is housed in a special place: the historic stone cellar partially collapsed during earthquake of 1980 that hit Irpinia. Today, totally renovated is a truly striking sign of continuity, where still feel a close past that has done the history of hard-working and silent winemaking in Irpinia.

Visit is, at ame time, a very interesting and enjoyable experience capable of bringing the visitor to timing and rhythms have been lost, forgotten, now far away rediscovering of a rural life lived according to the rhythms of nature without water, electricity, heating, communications. In which, as our grandparents told:

A life where everything was more difficult, but paradoxically, maybe even more simple and true.

More than 400 objects are cataloged, from those related to rural life to those related to agricultural processing as well as valuable pieces specific to work in the vineyards and winemaking as press, crusher-destemmer and piston pumps, etc.. You will appreciate slow process of evolution of a farm in inner part of Campania that even with the limitations of the past has always been opened to the world, to technological innovations to preserve manuality accepting the help of machines.