A Wine Resort, simple and authentic

Hospitality is sacred to us, let yourself welcome in our world.

To know our world you must live it closely, you must be our guest. In a unspoilt rural place, a true oasis of peace, hard to forget: green hills, olive groves, vineyards and villages to discover. On the top of a green hill. I Capitani's resort is ready to welcome you making you feel in harmony with wonderful nature, contemplating breathtaking views.

Our hospitality is like ourselves: simple and authentic.
Our goal is share with you a heaven's piece.

It's an ideal base for your holiday in Campania, away from the chaotic and crowded places but above all a full immersion in relax looking for flavors and traditions typical of the place. A walk through our fabulous vineyards, an interesting visit to the winery, a relaxing dip in our swimming pool and many food specialties to be enjoyed with a I Capitani wine glass and you'll understand why we love our world...

For quotations, information and booking, whether you're an individual or an agency do not hesitate to contact us.